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Macksville NSW
Stuck in Macksville

Stuck in Macksville

So i made the trip to Macksville last week and was only going to be here overnight. Then the rain set in, flooding started and so i have been stuck here for a few days.

Hopefully ill be able to head up to Brisbane on Thursday or Friday this week, fingers crossed. But what this means is that some of my tours have had to be rescheduled a bit. So make sure you check out my new dates.

I have been lucky that i had a friend i could stay with in town but it has still been a bit full on and hopefully it eases soon

I have posted a couple of photos on my twitter if you want to take a look at my Krissys Travels twitter account. And i look forward to being able to continue my travels soon.

I have experienced cyclones in Far North Queensland in the past but its been a long time since ive been caught in flooded areas so hopefully the rain eases soon so i can get back to Brisbane.

Everyone who is in NSW and experiencing the same rainfall and flooding i hope are keeping as safe as possible.

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