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Amnesty International’s Policy on the Human Rights of Sex Workers

So, some people may be aware that Amnesty International have released their policy – Amnesty International Policy on State Obligations to Respect, Protect and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex workers.   It is crucial for governments worldwide to acknowledge and take action towards decriminalizing sex work. Decriminalization is supported by Amnesty International and provides sex workers with the same […]

Tips for Contacting an Escort: How to Get the Best Service

As an escort, I know that choosing to see an escort can be a fun and exciting thing. But there are a few things to remember when it comes to contacting a lady and making arrangements to see her that you should consider. First, it’s always a good idea to take the time to read her advertising, whether it’s her […]

Amnesty’s Decriminalise Sex Work Policy: An Open Letter to Hollywood Stars and Critics

As a sex worker, I want to share my perspective on the current debate around decriminalising sex work. Amnesty is drafting a policy recommending that sex work should be decriminalised, but there are Hollywood stars who have signed a letter stating that sex work should not be decriminalised. I want people to understand one simple point: Sex work is work. […]