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Breaking Stereotypes: A Sex Worker’s Perspective on Misconceptions Surrounding the Industry

Over time, I’ve come to realize how many misconceptions people have about sex work. Often, those who are not part of the industry rely on the media, movies, TV shows, and books to form their ideas about the job. While it’s understandable if they haven’t interacted with the industry much, it’s important to recognize that these perceptions don’t apply to […]

How Language Shapes Stigma: The Power of Positive Terminology in the Context of Sex Work

Let’s talk about how language can either create stigma or help remove it, particularly in the context of sex work. There are various terms used to describe sex workers, including prostitute, hooker, whore, escort, working lady or man, and sex worker. However, these words can evoke different images and ideas for different people. Unfortunately, some media outlets, movies, and even […]