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Talking about my passions in life

I have been trying to decide on something to write about that isnt really related to sex work for a while. There are a number of different topics i considered but some of them are a little too controversial and i decided to keep those topics to a blog i write seperate to my escort blog because they can be a bit harsh and opinionated lol.

I finally came to the decision that i wanted to touch on a few things that i am really passionate about, things that make me happy in life and that i just love doing during my spare time. There are a number of things i truly get alot of enjoyment out of. Would you like to know what they are? Ok. I am passionate about volunteering, finding ways to support various organisations that are really important to me, helping others out, Travelling Australia and the world, Going sailing, and my biggest love is my love of reading a variety of bookings and i tell you i only read physical books the whole Kindle thing, i just dont get it.

I am also really really passionate about fighting for more support for our Veterans in this country. What so many people dont understand is the issues many veterans face once they leave the military. There are the long drawn out issues with Dept of Veterans Affairs, the mental health support, financial difficulties, finding employment, and so many more different issues and this is one of the reasons i am a big support of organisations such as – Mates4Mates,   Soldier On,    Wounded Heros,    Defence Care,    VVCS because these organisations pick up the slack when DVA can be difficult to deal with and getting any support from them can be a really drawn out process. I personally have a Military background and i am not ashamed of it i am quite proud of it and this is another reason why this is such an important thing to me and why i can get quite passionate about it. I will always support those currently serving and who have served in the past in a variety of ways including even offering discounts on my own services.

I have a range of my own Mental health issues relating to my service as well as other issues i have experienced in my life so Mental Health support for Veterans, and for people in general in Australia is really important to me as well and there are a few organisations that have helped me in the past that i support regularly in a variety of different ways such as both volunteering for them as well as donations to make sure their services continue. My own mental health is an ongoing journey that i will most likely have to spend the rest of my life working on.

One of my other passions is collecting first edition books, i have quite a collection at the moment and i am always interested in growing my collection. I love to read alot, i carry a book in my handbag even so if i have some spare time or if im waiting or even travelling on the bus or train i can get my book out to read. I do have some favourite authors such as Margaret George, Jeffery Archer, David Eddings, Sophie Kinsella, Tess Gerritson, and to this day my most favourite book ever is Mary Queen of Scotland & the isles by Margaret George. So if you love to read as much as i do lets sit down and just talk about the books we love to read. I love autobiographies, History books, Political, Comedy and More history as well as just a range of different stories.

I have lived and travelled all over Australia and i love exploring my country, but i have also travelled extensively overseas and i love learning about different cultures and trying out local foods and exploring where ever i am. I have been to places like Russia, Scotland, Dubai, China, Vietnam, Manila, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, USA, NZ, Germany, France, UK, South Korea, Guam just to name a few to start with and there are many more i have visited. I want to go back to the UK and Scotland, I would love to visit Russia again and i am considering a few of the smaller countries surrounding Russia at some point, who knows where ill end up. I also cant wait to go spend some time in Tahiti as it has been a dream of mine to go there for a month or so and just enjoy it, but i havent had the time in the past to do so, so hopefully soon i can.

When it comes to being passionate about things i only have a handful of things that i really get passionate about and for some it may seem a bit boring but for me its not, and it isnt a long list of things mainly because i put sooo much of myself into the things that i love that after work, and other personal commitments it can be hard to have the time to have a long list of passions and i just try and put so much into the things i love.

I try and go sailing as often as possible as being on the water makes me feel free, i forget my worries, i can spend quality time with my friends and it just is the most amazing thing to experience and enjoy being out on the open ocean is amazing, its refreshing and just soo freeing. You dont think about your responsibilities back at home, you dont think about the stresses of work or personal relationships you just focus on the beauty surrounding you and the ocean is a living and breathing thing. I spent many years on the ocean in many different ways and i can tell you that she is a temperamental mistress but so amazing.

I would love to hear about what your passionate about, Tell me about what books you love to read, the things you love to spend doing. Talk to me about the things that are important to you in life.

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