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The Girlfriend Experience, Touring & Changing Focus

So there are a few topics i feel i want to talk about at the moment and hopefully this blog will answer some of your questions. And hopefully put us all on the same page. Over the last few months i have been travelling alot around Australia and there are a number of reasons why i have been doing that. Partly to just enjoy the travelling and trying out different places and experience new places. But its also because i am looking to relocated and its a good opportunity to check out different places to decide where i want to live as there are so many great country coastal towns in this country and thats the kind of setting i want to live in. So let me tell you about some of the topics i want to cover

  • The GIrlfriend experience and why i choose not to offer this
  • The increasing requests for services without condoms – Which i do not provide.
  • The move into doing less full service and focusing more on my fetish work
  • The lack of reading both my advertising and website before contacting me to arrange some time together.
  • The importance of why deposits are becoming something i am insisting on when touring.

The Girlfriend Experience 

I have never actually provided this service in the past and i dont intent on doing so in the future. There are a number of reasons why i dont offer it, The reasons why is because i find that what people define this service to be doesnt suit the sort of person i am, There are aspects of whats generally included in it that i really prefer not to provide, mainly kissing. I find that in terms of the sexual activities i enjoy doing with my gentlemen clients is different to what i enjoy doing with my long term lovers outside of work.

So when it comes to the services i provide as an escort i only like to offer the things i find enjoyable with my gentlemen clients. Why you may ask.. Because i find it difficult to pretend enjoyment. So i prefer to offer things that i can really get into and find sexy with my gentlemen clients.

This is the main reason why i choose not to offer a girlfriend experience, because at the end of the day there are many providers out there who offer this and love to offer it, and while technically it could be good for business as they say to offer it, i would have to pretend i am really into it and well i am just not good at doing that.

So if your looking for that girlfriend experience thats all inclusive, i am happy to refer you to someone who offers this, or check out the other providers online, and see if there is someone out there who offers what it and give them a call.


Natural Services – Services without condoms

Now something i have gotten alot of recently, is requests for both full service as well as oral sex on you with out a condom, now something i try to make clear on my website and i have even written a few blog posts about, is the fact that i do not offer any kind of service with out a condom. There are a few reasons for making the choice not to offer these services. For me, doing any kind of sexual service without a condom isnt something i wish to offer. I like to practise safer sex. I do understand there are providers out there who choose to forgo condoms for various things and that is their choice, but it isnt something i choose to do, and all i ask is that you respect that choice, and if i say no to providing oral sex without a condom all i ask is that you dont try to push me to forgo the condoms.


Focus on Fetish services

Over the next few months i will be creating some new fetish packages to add to my list of fetish services, and i will begin to really start marketing these services as i am finding that i am really getting into them, i am loving the variety that comes with providing them, and while i will continue to offer full service i really plan to make these my forte, and hopefully be able to offer them much more regularly, and hopefully over time they will become my main services. I find them fun and i love exploring these with the gentlemen i spend time with and i am getting more and more requests for them which is very exciting for me. So i definitely encourage you to tell me more about your fantasies and kinks and fetishes as i want to be able to explore and enjoy these with you on a more regular basis.


Reading my advertising and the importance of deposits. 

So something i think is really important for you to understand is the importance of reading a providers advertising and if they have a website, make sure you check it out and read it prior to contacting the provider you wish to see, that includes my advertising and website. Now the reason i want to bring up this point is generally speaking, at least for myself, 95% of the questions i get asked can be found on either my advertising or my website and by taking the time to read it before calling means you have a good idea of what i am offering, what my prices are for various things, and it can give you a bit of a feel of who i am, what i am like and even get a good sense of what i look like, which means when it comes to arranging a time to meet and enjoy each others company, the process moves alot smoother and it gives you a really good idea on if i am the right person to suit your needs.

I also talk alot about making deposits prior to my tours. Places such as – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast its very important to make these advance bookings and deposits, the reason for this is that my tours to these places will not go ahead if i dont get these advance bookings and deposits. Touring can be very expensive, and while i get lots of expressions of interest prior to coming to town,

The issue is getting follow through once i arrive. So i have decided, especially for major cities that advance bookings and deposits are necessary firstly to make sure the tour goes ahead, it also ensures that you dont miss out on spending time with me as my visits to these places are generally only for 2-3 days each time so my availability is limited. So please understand that for these visits to go ahead that you get your advance bookings in nice and early.

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