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The importance of a Deposit

When going on tour somewhere making a deposit is something I now insist upon. There are a number of reasons for doing so. I know there are many escorts who insist on getting them and I have decided to make it something I do before going on tour as well. There are many costs involved in organising a tour somewhere and so because of that I like to ensure I have a number of guaranteed and secured appointments made before I visit somewhere.

I know that many have various issues with making a deposit and I do understand that so hopefully this post will help you understand why I ask for them. I have been on a few tours of late where I have had people express interest in spending time with me when I get to town, but once I arrive locking a time in with them hasn’t happened. So I decided that for any of my tours to actually go ahead a deposit to lock in a time will be required.

If after making the deposit you change your mind or are unable to attend as long as you give 24 hours notice the deposit will be refunded, if you give less then 24 hours notice for the cancellation the deposit will not be refunded. This is because I am paying for – Flights, accommodation and travel time to visit so I need to make sure that I have a number of genuine booking lined up. If I were to cancel the tour due to personal reasons obviously your deposit is fully refunded.

By making the deposit it means that If I am only in town for a few days, you get first pick of times together and it also ensures that you don’t miss out on spending time together. Because those who pay deposits always get first priority and first pick before anyone who makes last minute bookings. It also helps to make sure the tour goes ahead as scheduled and I don’t have to cancel it.

Again I do understand why many are hesitant in paying the deposits I really do. But I want you to understand why I ask for them and to understand that my required deposit is usually $50 to $100 into my ANZ Bank account which is taken off the amount you have to pay me forĀ  when we spend our time together. This decision to ask for deposits prior to going on tour hasn’t been decided lightly, but it has become necessary to ensure that firstly you don’t miss out and secondly I am able to go ahead with the planning with out having concerns about the tour running smoothly because I would like to be able to enjoy seeing you as much as having you enjoy our time together.

So hopefully you can now understand why these deposits are important and we can work together to make sure my various tours are able to go ahead so we can have some good times




Policies – Deposits & Payment Methods


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