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The rise of Crockor

I want to tell you about a new advertising platform that has been created to replace Cracker and Backpage since they were taken down by the FBI in the USA.

It is called Crockor. It is not only an Australian based classifieds platform, there is a Crockor for countries all over the world. Not only can you find a variety of sex work providers of all kinds but it is a classifieds site that you can find listings for a variety of different things including Rentals, Selling of Items, Friendship, and a whole lot of different things. I definitely recommend you take some time to check it out, Maybe put your own listings on there and hopefully find a sex work provider in your town or city.

I have certainly made use of it for advertising my own services and tours and it isnt just for Major cities, if you are in country Australia there is sections available for you to check out, and who knows you might even find a sex worker who is located in your town or city or even coming to your town or city in the near future.

At the bottom of this post i will include websites where you can find a sex worker to see in your town or city of course, but i want to talk mainly about Crocker at the moment. It was created and maintained by Australian Sex Workers and they have done an amazing job with it, and it is certainly an awesome replacement for Backpage & Cracker. The layout makes it easy to navigate, To do listings/postings is an easy process.

I highly recommend that clients, general public and sex workers all over the world get behind this platform and really make use of it and get the word out there so that we can make it grow and become a top listed website on google. So if you are looking for a classifieds site or if you are looking for a sex worker to see, especially if you used to go to Backpage or Cracker to find someone to go check out Crockor. And if you are in major cities as well as country towns around the country make sure you go take a look as you may find a page for your town.


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