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Touring Australia
Travelling Australia – Where to visit

Travelling Australia – Where to visit

For the last few weeks i have been to some places around NSW i haven’t been to before or for quite sometime. I did a visit to Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo and Sydney. And let me tell you it was a bit cool, but i guess with us going into the colder months of the year thats normal right? I did some exploring while i was visiting and saw some really cool things while i was in town.

When i was in Bathurst i made sure to stop in at the Bathurst Rail Museum as well as the Australian Fossil and Minerals Museum and i really enjoyed checking them out. I learned some amazing things and I would definitely visit again. I loved seeing the Sommerville and Chapman collection at the mineral museum, I found them to be quite beautiful and they were interesting to learn more about. Have you checked out the Fossil and Mineral Museum? I also enjoyed the Rail Museum, Australia has such a rich Railway history so whenever I can learn more about it I will, got some great photos for my brother as well as he loves everything trains which were awesome.

When i hit Dubbo though, i hit the Taronga Western Plains Zoo which i haven’t visited since I was a child. I absolutely loved the Hippo, Giraffe and Big Cat encounters and definitely recommend seeing them if you can. Just wandering around and seeing all the different animals and learning more about them made for a really enjoyable day, and i would love to explore the Zoo again soon, preferably with someone else as its always more fun with company, so next time im in town maybe someone could come with me for a few hours and take a look.

When I hit Sydney, Firstly I did attend the Australian Adult Industry Awards with Vivienne Black and Sin By Design and I am really happy that SIn By Design won their award that’s really awesome. Not a huge fan of the event personally, but it was an interesting evening and glad I went with the people I did. I also made some time to hit the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium which never disappoints while I am in town. I especially loved the Penguin Expedition I have seen it before but loved seeing it again and would highly recommend it. I also went for an explore of Wendys Secret Garden its such a beautiful spot to go for a walk and explore and i just found it really relaxing to spend the afternoon checking it out, i would highly recommend a visit if you have some free time.

I have now returned to Brisbane for a few days as I have some friends I want to see as well as some appointments to go to, before heading off to Western Australia and Melbourne.

I will be visiting Rockingham from the 2nd to the 6th of June, East Perth from the 7th to the 13th of June, and Melbourne from the 14th to the 20th of June. When I am in Melbourne I plan to attend the Soldier On Charity Ball which is really exciting I can’t wait to attend as well as see some friends and have an exploration. If you would like to see me in any of these locations, pre-bookings with deposits will be essential to be organized prior to my arrival in town so that I can plan my visit as much as possible and if you think there are any amazing sights I should see while I am in town why don’t you be my guide and we can organize some social time as well as some naughty time while I am in town. And I am always open to suggestions on things I should visit as well.

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