Twitter Poll – Favourite Touring Locations

So i did a bit of a poll on twitter to find out about what kind of things you wanted me to post a blog about and the option that was coming out in front was hearing about my favourite places to tour and why. I have a number of different locations i like to try and visit as much as possible. Theres different reasons why i like each so decided a bit of a post about them would be alot of fun. They arent in any particular order.

Huskisson / Nowra – For me there are a few different reasons why i love to travel to Huskisson and Nowra. So for me i have ties to Huskisson that go back to my childhood. I remember visiting there every christmas to go camping with my family for the holidays and we would stay there for weeks each year. Then as an adult i love returning as its such a relaxing place to visit. The beach is awesome which is a bonus and the people i get to meet when i am there are always alot of fun. Nowra i also have ties that go back a number of years. I spent some time there for my previous career before sex work doing training courses and spending our off time exploring the area and having a great time. So i always enjoy coming back to spend time with the clients i see there as they are generally friendly and just a great group of gents to have the company of.

Young – The reason i keep returning to Young is that the guys i meet when i am there are always just really lovely and just great to spend time with. But i also like just wandering around town checking things out. And just quietly i like to go cherry picking when the opportunity presents itself.

Batemans Bay – I love coming to this quiet coastal town. The walks along the water are relaxing and enjoyable. The gents i meet when i am here are usually pretty enjoyable company and there are so many hidden gems. Great spots along the water to go enjoy lunch while relaxing by the water. Maybe go for a bit of a swim or a fish if the weather is good.

Armidale – The thing i like about Armidale is the gorgeous older buildings in town, its really nice to wander around town and have that older country town feel about it. There are some great parks to just sit and enjoy lunch or dinner. I have checked out some of the local national parks which are pretty amazing as well. Definitely something i would enjoy doing again next time i visit town.

Nambucca Heads – I love coming to Nambucca Heads as i have a favourite client that is located here and he has taken me around to some of the local spots as well as a trip to Bellingen. So i always have a good time seeing him while i am here. I would love to go back again in summer time and have some time at the beach as well which for me is my idea of a great day out dont you think?

Rockingham – I know this may seem like an unusual pick for some. But i actually lived in Rockingham a number of years ago and have quite a few friends still in the area who i always love seeing when i am in town. Going to the beach in Summer time or going for walks along the foreshore is awesome. I have memories of going clubbing at the Vibe Night club many years ago and have a few naughty memories of that place on a Thursday night hahaha.

Goulburn – The thing i like about Goulburn is again some of the older buildings give it a fantastic appeal. Its great to have a wander around and explore while i am in town. I have checked out a couple of the local museums in town which are pretty interesting and unexpected. And there are some lovely parks to explore.

Albany – I always enjoy coming to Albany its such a lovely coastal town to wander around in. It gets a bit cool in the winter months but during the summer time i love to explore the surrounding wineries and finding a good spot to put my toes in the water, i find its a really relaxing place to visit and there are some lovely gents who love to try new experiences.

Port Macquarie – I love coming to Port Macquarie so much that i bought a house here that i am currently renovating and its starting to look pretty awesome. I love being here during summer time the most as i spend as much time at the beach as possible. I love checking out the different look outs around town as there are some great spots to look out over the ocean from. Walking around town there are so many different things to check out and the people are friendly.

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