Upcoming #Melbourne visit – 22nd to 24th August

So you may have noticed my tour schedule is pretty jam packed between now and the end of the year i am travelling all over the place and hopefully having some fun along the way. I have tried a few new places out. Some have been great others not so much but at least it helps me decide which places to return to and which ones not to return to.

As you may notice i have put down some dates for Melbourne from the 22nd to 24th August. Now as you may notice i dont visit Melbourne very much and its been a very long time since i have been there and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. Part of this reason is that i get alot of expressions of interest but when i actually arrive in town theres no real follow through, which in all honesty is an issue as it takes time and money to come visit there so i need it to be worthwhile.

So i have decided that for this visit – I will require advance bookings with deposits. And this is so that we can spend some quality time together and enjoy each others company. It ensures that the visit goes ahead and that we can actually meet for some naughty times together. I will be offering Outcalls only. If you are unable to host i do have a number of suitable options available that i can organise for you to see me at. So let me know if your unable to host.

I will mainly be staying down towards the Mornington Peninsula area as i like it down there, but i will be available to travel to most parts of Melbourne. If you are in victoria and want to have me pop in and see you make sure you let me know so that i can make suitable arrangements as ill be willing to travel to some other parts of Victoria while i am there.

Depending on what you want to get up to ill require a deposit of $100 to 50% of the booking fee with the balance paid on my arrival. Hopefully we can have some fun and keep each other warm so i look forward to hearing from you very soon to organise something fun.




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