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VIP Membership and Gallery

For those of you who have seen, I have a VIP Members area and gallery and arent sure if its something you want to sign up for or not, let me tell you a little bit about it to help you make that decision. 

So basically in my VIP Members area, I have a range of discounts on all my services for those who choose to be members. There are between $30 and $100 discounts off my prices for those who are members, I also offer a range of services in there that isn’t something I offer elsewhere such as – Dinner/Extended dates at members prices, Massage Services, Vanilla and Fetish Phone Services, Overnight packages and even discounts on my nude/lingerie housekeeping sessions. And once you pay the lifetime fee of $100 those discounts apply every time I see you. 

I also have a VIP Gallery, In this gallery are photos never seen by the public from all the photoshoots I have done, it has photos no longer available to the public, there are topless photos in there for members and soon when I get my photos back from my current shoot I have just done there will be more nude photos to add to the gallery and guess what? They were nude photos taken outdoors which were a little naughty but quite fun. So the gallery just basically gives you views that I don’t show in my public gallery. 

So if you have been wanting a better idea of what is actually included in this membership price this is the basic overview of what’s included in your one-off membership fee. If you decide its something you want to be a member of, get in touch and we can make it happen. I accept payment for membership via Beem It and my username is @sexybbwkrissy. Can’t wait to hear from you 


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