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When Tours are Changed. Why are they Changed?

So, you may notice that on my availability and tour pages sometimes tours get chopped and changed around. You may also notice i require pre bookings and deposits for all tours. The question you may be asking is why would i pay a deposit if you keep changing tour dates.

Consider this, if i dont get genuine pre bookings with deposits for the dates i have advertised then i will make changes to those dates. Why? Because if i am not getting expressions of interest for a visit then i am best off visiting the places where i do get those expressions of interest.

So if you would like my tour to go ahead on the date advertised and you would like to spend some time with me while i am in town its a great idea to get in touch and pre book with your deposit.

I only ask for around 25% of the booking price as a deposit and the balance paid when we finally meet up and have some fun together. If you understand the costs involved in going on tour around the country, there are many upfront costs such as getting to the town or city whether by plane or other mode of transport, then there is the hotel costs, the costs of getting to the hotel such as a taxi or uber, and advertising. Those costs in total can vary from as little as $600 all the way up to $1600 per town or city.

Because of these costs, especially since COVID happened, its really important that i have pre bookings with deposits so i can make the trip go ahead and not working at a loss. So if you would like my tours to go ahead as advertised, make sure you get in early so you dont miss out.

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