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Why Escorting? What brought me to this decision?

I was thinking about this question today. Why did I get into this industry? Why have I stayed for as long as I have? Why has my approach to it all developed to what it has? How did I come to this decision?


I started escorting about 5-6 years ago now. Its been a very on and off relationship with this work. I have taken time outs, sometimes for months at a time. Then I have come back again. I have never done escorting as a full time job, even now to this day. Mainly because my other job that I have I love just as much as this industry and I have decided I don’t want to give up either.


When I came to the decision to try it out and see if working in the Sex Industry was right for me, I looked into different options do I work in a brothel, for an escort agency or is it possible to work for myself. I started out at a brothel in Sydney called Big and Beautiful which was an interesting experience. It was a little brothel in Surry Hills in Sydney and I am sure some of you have heard of it. I was there for a while before I decided working for myself was a better option because I could then organise it around my lifestyle not the other way around. Once going private there was no going back to consider an agency or brothel I think mainly because it just didn’t suit me.


I got into this because I was curious, I was also found myself turned on by the idea of men paying to spend time with me and also just because I actually enjoy sex. Though I will be honest it has had its good and bad times and all those times in between. And I think that’s what makes it interesting.


Over the years my approach to it all has changed a lot. It used to be a very casual thing, I would see a handful of clients a month, I would only advertise in one or two places compared to recently where I actually decided to get a website and have professional photos done. I also started advertising on proper escort directories and have started paying for advertising. Mainly because I have decided to start to reach a different range of men,


I think at the end of the day I just like the people I have met. The friends I have made. The gentlemen I have spent time with. The different experiences I have. I don’t think I will be here forever but I think I still have a few years left in the industry but who knows what the future holds.


Well these are my thoughts for tonight. If you have anything you would like to see me blog about or have questions you would like me to answer email me on and will blog again soon