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Yes… No…. Maybe – Things I choose not to offer

There are a range of services I get calls about. I am open to a range of different things, and open to doing things that aren’t listed on my list of services. But there are a few that I just choose not to offer for various reasons. There are a couple of  main ones I get asked for that I just refuse to do, they aren’t common requests, but I get enough calls to warrant making it clear that I choose not to do them.

  • The first I get a number of calls about is a threesome with 2 male friends who are looking to do this with me.
    •  – This is a service I choose not to do because I prefer one on one sessions with my client. In my personal life this is something I have tried out, and honestly I can say I really didn’t enjoy the experiences, (and yes there were more then one) and so I can honestly say that doing it with 2 strangers isn’t something I really wish to do. Sorry…….
  • Couple bookings, especially couples hoping I am bisexual
    • Now with couple bookings, I personally choose not to offer them, firstly because I am not bisexual. I am very straight so I prefer to refer you to ladies who are bisexual so that you can get a genuine experience, and the fact is I just feel I cant provide a genuine and enjoyable couples experience. And I also am not a fan of being watched, It makes me feel self conscious which then affects the service im providing, so if you are seeking a couples booking I am happy to refer you to people who love to provide them rather then being the provider.
  • A variety of services without condoms.
    • And lastly being asked to provide services with condoms. I do make it clear throughout my website including doing a few blog posts on why I choose not to provide services without condoms. And telling me that you are clean, have been tested recently or claim I would be the only person you do this with isn’t going to convince me to provide these services to you.. I am sure there are escorts out there who do, and that’s their choice, theres no judgement here its just that for myself personally its not something I choose to do, so please I ask that you respect that I am allowed to have that choice.
  • Greek on me
    • This is a service that I used to provide, but these days I choose not to, partly because I have had enough bad experiences that I just cant get into it enough to want to provide it, but also because unless I have seen you a few times before and feel really comfortable with you, its something I cant get relaxed enough to do with someone I have just met, I tense up and then it just becomes painful and that isn’t fun for anyone. So for the time being its just off the list. If I find myself comfortable enough with you to provide it, I may consider it, but it would come at an extra cost. But please respect my choice to say no.
  • Kissing – French kissing or any kissing on the mouth
    • Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t offer an actual GFE type service, yes I do full service and would like to offer you a variety of sexual services. But for me, Kissing on the mouth is just something I don’t feel comfortable offering. Outside of my professional escort services I do have a personal sex life with lovers, boyfriends, casual sexual partners etc. And so there are a few things, including kissing that I prefer only to do with those in my personal sex life. There are times where I have tried offering to clients things I only do with personal sexual partners outside my escorting and I have found it to affect the quality of my personal sex life which for me is not something I like to compromise on. So I have made the choice that there are just some things that are off limits to my clients… Kissing is one of those things that sorry. So if your looking for a true GFE that involves kissing my service isn’t for you as it isn’t what I offer. Obviously if you want to kiss anywhere on my body that is more then welcome, its just on the mouth that I choose not to have on offer.
  • Lastly, please stop asking me to squirt
    • Squirting isn’t something I can generally do on command, and its something that really rarely happens for me as it is. So it just isn’t on the list of things I am happy to provide or even attempt to try. So please understand when I refuse to provide this. Some can provide it on cue and I am sure there are ladies out there who offer it, but sorry I cant help there.

Now, I am always open to your requests, I am happy to try a variety of things with you, if I haven’t tried them before please chat to me on the phone about what your after and if I haven’t tried it, I will let you know but if your happy to play together and give it a shot I am always open to that. I will always do a little research before our session to make sure I do it properly but it is always fun to experiment.

All I ask is that if I say no to providing a service, please just respect that I choose not to offer it. I may be a sex worker but I am not required to provide anything I am not comfortable with. If I don’t offer what you want to get up to there will always be someone out there who will be happy to do those things with you. For some services I can recommend someone for you others, well not so much but will do my best to help you out. I do have an extensive range of things I offer but I cant cater to absolutely everyone I guess…. Ultimately I am open to suggestions or things you might want to try. But sometimes I do just have to say no. I don’t like to have to explain myself though. If I say I don’t provide it, that should be the end of the discussion.

But on a positive note, there are a number of things I would love to try out with clients that I haven’t so who knows maybe one day they will happen, but I cant give away all my secrets yet, Its always fun to leave with a little mystery. Who knows maybe you will be that gentleman who requests those things……………

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